7 Quick Takes (First Timer!)

1. I am trying this out for the first time, from Jen over at Conversion Diary! I heard about her from my best friend Catherine over at Virtue by Force, and I’m really excited for it.

2. So, I might be the worst food blogger ever. I’ve posted one thing since I started the summer, but I promise I’ve taken pictures of everything. I’m working on it…

3. This week, I learned some exciting things…I became a little bit more fascinated with the Thunder and the NBA. I memorized all the players and numbers of the Thunder conveniently the day before the draft (merp) to entertain myself at work. And I watched the Draftcast online last night while crafting. It’s fine, I just don’t really know who I’ve become. Today I read this article, and Royce’s wife does WORK on poor Adams. I can’t wait until thundergUrls post something about the draft. I’ve been missing them, but those women are seriously the bomb. Hilarious.

4. I’ve reverted back to watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. I’m currently on Season 7, Episode 2. The past two days I have been so unproductive with my life when I got home.

5. I attempted the 30-Day Shred workout for…a day. But like the reviews said, there were waaaay too many squats involved, and my knees can’t handle that. Not to mention, my body doesn’t let me do jumping jacks for very long, and I also can’t do pushups. Basically the whole workout just didn’t really work…out…yeah I didn’t realize that could be funny until I already typed it out.

6. I have been trying to review geology this week. Two days I worked on reading chapters in my physical geology book about minerals and identification. This class is going to be rough, and will involve a TON of studying. It’s terrifying. I already dropped hydrogeology because I don’t really want to take it. Mineralogy is going to have to be powered through, but not without a lot of help, especially since I found out that the teacher for that is conveniently the graduate school advisor (sigh). I need to make some friends. And install a foldaway cot in Kep.

7. I did start a craft yesterday, which I am super excited about. It’s a present for Catherine, so I can’t say what it is! But yaaaaay!

Okay, how was that, for my first time?



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