what is my life, actually.

Today, I got home and put water on for tea. i opened the fridge to get the milk out to find that it had soured. I threw it out, and then went back to the fridge, realizing that there was some nasty substance on all the shelves. I was like, GREAT, nasty milk everywhere. Instead, it has turned out to be a full 4 sticks of butter that were in a box on the shelf. BUTTER EVERYWHERE, Y’ALL. I can’t even lift some of the things off the tray before taking it out.

My life is a joke. Butter and meat are bad, bummer. Veggies might be in a bit of a shock but I think are okay. Basically everything’s getting thrown out.

Now I’m cleaning, in a dress. At least Nikki is here to chat.

It even melted my parmesan cheese. It had to have been toasty.

IT COOKED BACON. I don’t even know.

J was here last night, and we made dinner (he made this bomb salad dressing, also, which now I have to throw out, sad.). At the end of dinner I put the leftovers in the fridge and the light wasn’t coming on, but it was super hot. I thought it would cool down since it was off, but instead, it’s been cooking everything inside. What a mess.



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