Foggy Day(s) in London Town

I am not super sure what to do with this 100% humidity action happening in London. Right now, I am sitting in the Dublin airport, preparing for my last two legs home.

We spent two awesome days in London – it was fun to be able be with Mama and Doug. The first day, we cruised around London on foot and got to go up in the London Eye. Mom didn’t have a great time up there…because there was a really loud family in there.

Tuesday we had a full day. We spent the entire morning at Harrod’s, walking around on all the levels…What a crazy place! Then we went to Westminster Abbey. That is probably one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been. One, because I am a history nerd. I read all of  these growing up, and learned how all of these ladies were related. I was Elizabeth I for Halloween in the 5th grade… Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I, although rivals, are buried across the hall from each other,  and Bloody Mary is buried underneath her sister, Elizabeth I. I stood on the graves of Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Geoffrey Chaucer. This was truly history coming alive for me, more than any other place we’ve been, for some reason. I also was pleased to learn that this song I know of the Kings and Queens of England are in chronological order.

There was also such irony that day, in which the hourly prayer in the Abbey was for the tornado victims in Oklahoma.
You never thought you’d hear about Oklahoma in Westminster Abbey. Also, Sky news reported “from the US State of Oklahoma,” which I found entertaining.

We also fulfilled my life dream of taking a picture at Platform 9 ¾…Photo to follow.

Finally, we went to Victoria and saw Wicked last night! It was incredible. I’d never seen the show before, but have obviously heard a lot about it and know a lot of the music. They were all amazing performers, singers, and dancers. Plus, middle of the fifth row wasn’t too shabby either, for day-of seats!

On the way home now…For perspective, it’s 2:15 pm in Dublin right now, I woke up in London at 5:15 am,  and will be arriving home at 11 pm Colorado time, which is 5 am on Thursday in the UK…

I did PASS OUT on the Dublin flight though, so that was an extra hour there. The guys that sat next to me knew each other and yakked about work the whole time really loudly. And then there’s the standard RyanAir intercom rubbish. I’m surprised I slept at all. Sleeping on RyanAir is honestly the only way to go.

It’s starting to get real that I’m going home, but I think I’m finally ready.



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