what a week!

Justin stayed in Aberdeen through Thursday. We showed him our favorite places to hang out (my flat included), and went to Stonehaven and Duthie Park. Duthie Park has a lovely giant indoor garden, but it poured rain on our way there. But once we got there, we had a nice breakfast date with butteries and milk. The rain: this WOULD happen to me.

Thursday I had to say goodbye to him and I did a little trade at the airport: Mom and Doug were here!

Thursday night, we had a big meet and greet with RGU students, professors and the people we worked with at our placements.

Friday was our last day in Aberdeen, and we gave our final presentations to Ted and colleagues. Mom and Doug came over and helped me shove everything I owned into suitcases, and my room was effectively empty. I didn’t have much time to process leaving though, because Saturday morning I helped Chase finish packing and check out of his room. Then we ran to my flat to finish checking me out, and then I was told that we were about 10 minutes ahead of what he told me…

Everyone but Reidie boarded the train and we got down to Edinburgh. Thomas and Chase stayed in our little flat with us to make it easy. I walked in and was like, oh…we can all fit on this bed. We basically slept sideways on a futon, and added the coffee table at the end for foot room. Surprisingly, it was extremely comfortable, as long as you went to sleep first (snoring boys) and don’t end up with Chase’s feet on your head (Thomas).

We all took a train to St. Andrews on Saturday morning to attend Ted and Cathy’s wedding! They were married in the Scores Hotel, and Team America snapped this gem on the Swilcan Bridge in our traditional order:

The boys headed home super early the next morning, and Doug, Mom and I headed to London.

Yesterday we walked until our feet wanted to fall off!

It still hasn’t totally hit me that I said goodbye to Scotland. And even to the boys, who I probably won’t see this summer. This past week and a half feels so long, but also feels so short at the same time. I can’t believe I’m going home tomorrow.



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