Saturday I received a HUGE surprise!

On Friday, Thomas suggested we go to dinner Saturday at Rustico, the same restaurant we went to for his birthday, because the other boys were going to dinner with their company.

We all went to lunch on Saturday afternoon (and I didn’t know Justin had already arrived and was sleeping at Thomas’), then got ready for dinner. He changed the plans on me and told me we were going to some local restaurant and that he would be at my flat at 8.

At 8, he buzzed me and I came down. Thomas said, “hey, I brought you something.” and Justin comes out from around the corner! Now, I DID have a hunch that maybe he’d try to visit me while I was here. Here’s why:

1. J asked awhile ago when he could send me a package before I came home so that he could “make sure I was there to pick it up.” I asked why he couldn’t just save his money and give it to me when I get home, but he said I needed it sooner than that.

2. When I was potentially stuck in Spain, I freaked out and told him:

“i am going to the embassy tomorrow, and i´ll keep you posted but i may be stuck here awhile.

i had a feeling you might try and surprise me, and i wont know until tomorrow, but i could be stuck here up to two weeks. hopefully not, i only have three shirts. ha

just fyi!”

He never replied to it, or “saw it,” allegedly. But the non reply still made me suspicious!

3. He stopped responding to my facebook messages and didn’t like anything (he usually likes practically everything I do!) since Thursday, and it was Saturday…


I was super happy to see him, and didn’t have to pretend to be surprised at all, because I was just so happy.

The three of us walked to dinner, which was not the place Thomas had told me he changed the plans to. One of the waitresses there was even a girl from my Oil and Gas Law class! Thomas left us and said he’d come back to get us later. We ate dinner and dessert (really good), and sat around and talked for awhile to wait for Thomas to get back. I thought this was totally normal…

I saw Thomas outside and Justin said, “oh, he’ll just come in.” and then he told me that he loved me and that he wanted to be with me forever!

Thomas came in to take pictures…Unfortunately the light was not very good, but he did get this gem:

There were some old ladies that were leaving our restaurant into a taxi who wanted to see. They were so so cute!

We came home later and skyped the whole world. I didn’t go to bed that night til 7:30am! But we also thought Justin was lost around 4am, so we spent about 45 minutes looking for him, when he was asleep at Thomas’ the whole time.

What a day!!!



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