The Week in Review: Lost in Spain

Wednesday, we had no cares. It was a public holiday (so the Consulate was closed in the next town over), so we spent the whole day at the beach. Sunburned really bad, but so good. I looked at a wedding magazine (typical), Reid read Brisingr, and Chase slept. There were lots of old men doing the most there…And the discussion of wanting to be old for the rest of the week commenced.

Thursday morning, we went to the consulate in Fuengirola. My conversation with the lady:

Hillary: Hey, I lost my passport and need an emergency passport.

Lady: When are you trying to leave?

Hillary: Well I mean, I understand that I probably won’t be able to leave soon…but it’s tonight.

Lady: No. When is your departure?

Hillary: Tonight, at 9.

Lady: No.

Thanks. I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I knew I’d have to stay…Anyway. They couldn’t help me. She told me:

“You need to go to Madrid. (looks at watch) Now.”

Madrid has the US Embassy…and they don’t do passports on the weekends. So. I knew how I was spending my Friday. We were also convinced I was going to be there…awhile. Passport appointments were few and far between, one wasn’t available until May 29.

She gave me the number of the embassy to call and tell them I need an emergency passport and I was going to come in the next morning.

I called the embassy when I got back to the hostel and I can picture this 35 year old guy on the other end. I called to say I’d be in Friday morning and he said, “I mean, you just walk in.”

He takes his job extremely seriously.

We filed a police report with the local police, that was exciting. Guess how many English words they knew? None. Reid and I dealt with that. Guess how much Spanish I know? Close enough to none. A struggle, but he got the job done.

Chase figured he could stay til Monday if we had to, and Reid needed to be home on Monday for an exam. And if we didn’t have a passport by Monday, I would have just had someone clean out my room and deport me back to America. So Reid ended up getting on our original flight back to Glasgow (which, was a pain, so I’m kind of glad I wasn’t on it…), to Glasgow at midnight, catching a bus at 3:40am to arrive in Aberdream about 6am. Yikes. But instead, Chase and I were on a packed bus from 10:30pm to 5:15am from Malaga to Madrid. Very…interesting people ride the bus. But train tickets were upwards of $110 and sold out (so..either way…).

Someone had to come to Madrid with me because I read on the website that someone might need to be there to be a witness for my identity. GREAT. and I had no money…

We walked to the Embassy and waited outside until it opened at 8. Start to finish it took about 2 hours. Met a little boy there named Aaron. He was funny. We are all best friends now. We were out by 10:15, and had the whole day ahead of us…even though we were exhausted.

Tapas at El Tigre: Best ever. Free food with your drinks…We ordered a caipirinha and a beer…8.50 euro and loads of bread with ham, patatas bravas and a tortilla espanola on bread. We were so full, and we have no idea HOW they make any money.

Walked around Madrid, and fell asleep in the big park. It was a wonderful afternoon!

The next day, we just walked around more, and ate more….normal. The Prado museum was free entry for children 0-18 or students 18-26. I, of course, don’t have my student card…But I definitely didn’t look 26, so that’s good, right? Wrong. I had printed out my CAS information from my email and so Chase used his magical Spanish skills to convince the lady to let me in. Yay!

Chase’s mom is a hero and booked us planes all the way to Aberdeen. I am in love with British Airways now, no big deal. I slept on both planes, nearly the entire time. Home Saturday night at 11:30pm, after a really long, unexpected but fun week!

Sunday: Oil and Gas Law paper…didn’t sleep really
Monday: Oil and Gas Law paper due at 1, Started studying for Marketing Exam at 9pm…didn’t sleep, really
Tuesday: Marketing Exam…Took a break from studying.
Wednesday: Should have studied…Went to family lunch at Jamie’s. We weren’t impressed, but it was okay. Ended up going out with Chase’s flatmates.
Thursday: Studying for Oil and Gas Law…Should have done a bit more studying, but it was okay.
Friday: Oil and Gas Law test, early dinner with some girls from our class. Then, Reid and Chase and I went to the union to play pool, and also met some interesting people at a new bar.

Today: Room cleaning/packing.



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