This is my life.

Well, Tuesday was pretty glorious, until my life was stolen!

Reid, Chase and I arrived safely in Malaga on Monday night, and met a couple of really cool girls in our room from South Africa that were taking a gap year. 

Yesterday we woke up, and went on a walk. We climbed halfway up Monte de Gibralfaro, and walked down lots of “trails” to get down. By the end of it, everyone had wildflowers in their hair, and dirt on our pants.

We found a cafe to eat at that was fortunately open around 1:30, since siesta typically begins around 2. We were starving, and good thing. We picked a few things out but then he just kept bringing food out to us that we didn’t remember ordering. And everyone ordered something different, but he would being two or three servings out to the table. Whoops. We sat outside though, and it was the hottest part of the day.

We stopped by a little shop. They had strawberries at the front that looked to die for. The boys went to find beer and I managed with the lady to obtain some fresas. She kept filling the bag more and more, and I was just thinking, “Holy moly, this is going to be expensive.” She asked me if that was enough, and I said yes, with huge eyes. When she put it on the scale, it weighed only .750 kg…and they were priced at 1,95 per kilo. So. Yes. I got a TON of perfect strawberries for 1,45. We settled in on a grassy area on the beach (weird to explain…) and started in on the strawberries. We didn’t do much then, except sit there and relax. We watched some school kids take pictures together on the beach, and looked out at the harbor and the blue ocean. None of us ever fell asleep, but at one point, Reid still had a flower in his hair. I reached up for my purse to take a picture, and I couldn’t find it.

Yeah, it was nowhere. We have an idea of who took it; there had been a guy sleeping behind us. But it literally had my whole life in it. Whoops. Why did it have my whole life in it, you ask? Because, I never take that bag off. Ever. Except for that one period of 20 minutes in Malaga on the beach.

Inside my purse, you would have found:

No cash (so…sorry dude.) I had used my cash to pay for lunch
Credit card
Debit card (sorry Bank of Oklahoma. Again.)
Driver’s License
Student ID from Aberdeen
International Student ID
Casino Member card (tragedy, I know)
Hostel keys for my box (Sorry Amy…I have to buy you new ones)
Hostel keys for Reid’s box
A pen (I think it was out of ink)
UK Burner phone (Sorry Claire, I owe you too)
Aaaand my passport (yeaaaah.)


So, that ended that day nicely, with shots of tequila.

I altogether wasn’t too worried, I knew everything would eventually work out. Worse comes to worse, I can’t take finals (so sad…)


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