aberdeen holiday weekend!

This past weekend, we had a bit of an extended weekend…

Our last tutorial was last week, so we didn’t have class on Friday. Thomas had left for the weekend on Thursday, so it was just Chase, Reid and I this weekend. We attempted to pack up and leave until Tuesday morning for a short trip, but it was going to be too expensive…

I attempted my coursework, so that’s something. Sunday, Chase and I went back to Stonehaven. We went without Reid because his internet was down and he didn’t see our desperately hungry messages. We ate at the famous chippy called “The Bay” (SO delicious, defos the best we’ve had) and the popular ice cream shop next door. They put on the most random toppings on your ice cream, so we opted out. We got a kick out of a little girl who had a double scoop of ice cream that was literally wider than her face. She looked like she was out for a day with her grandad, who let her order whatever she wanted.

Yesterday, I slept in til an embarrassing hour, ate dinner, walked around Aberdeen University with Chase, we watched a movie, and then I went to bed…

No class today, just work. After work, Thomas, Chase and I went to dinner. None of us had a watch, (phones dead) so we accidentally stayed there for over 3.5 hours. We got up to leave when we were the only people there, and it was 10:20 pm. Whoops.



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