Week of recaps recap…

Last week was a busy, long, fun week.

Last Saturday, it was hard to believe we had just gotten back from Italy a week before.

Here’s a recap of the week that I had to not blog because I was doing Italy recaps…

April 7: Our Marketing Plan was due the next day, but the Thunder was on…

April 8: I enrolled for my last year of college. So surreal.

April 11: Thomas’ flatmate Luke’s 19th birthday. So many people in a room so small….

April 13: Today we went on an exchange students/international students trip to the Glenfiddich Distillery and Castle Fraser. It was chilly, but really fun! Glenfiddich is the most widely purchased single malt in the world.

Castle Fraser had been restored to look like when the family lived there, which was really fun. With winding stone staircases, I felt like a princess. I could totally live in this place.


April 14: Family time at the Maritime Museum…NOT. Chase and I are the only two that showed. The Maritime Museum of Aberdeen actually has some interesting pieces on North Sea drilling, so it was kind of fun to learn about that. Then we ran into Megan and her friends and flatmates Ryo, Orla and Jake on their way to “beer garden.” A beer garden is basically a restaurant that has a patio where you can sit outside… So we went around with them and enjoyed the afternoon. It ended with a night at the Union playing pool.

April 15: I went to the gym at RGU for the first time ever. So that was somewhat impressive. They keep it warmer in the rooms than they do at CFC, and I was burning up. I also ran about 3 miles and wasn’t even phased, which I was proud of. We really don’t notice how much walking we do here…

AAAAAND I’ve been attempting and researching for a paper all weekend now…

We have an Aberdeen holiday on Monday, so that’s been nice, making the weekend extra long. Thomas is currently on a trip, but I think tomorrow Reid and Chase and I are going to go back to Stonehaven tomorrow for the “right” fish and chip shop.


Okay, back to pretending to write my paper…



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