Roma, Day 2: PLEASE BE HOME BY 10.


A couple of the people that run the rooms got up and served us croissants, cappuccinos and espresso for breakfast. Then we were geared up. Thomas and Reid had gone into the Colosseum the day before, and the Roman Forum was included in their ticket. So Chase and I were going to go to the Colosseum, then meet them at the exit, and go to the Roman Forum at a specified time. Foolproof…right? WELL. Let me tell you. The line when we got there was ridiculously long. Once the line went inside the Colosseum, there was still at least a 30 minute wait to get to the ticket desk. Thinking the Roman Forum line would be shorter, we walked over there and waiting in the queue there for awhile. Towards the front, we realized we were in the line of “people that already have tickets”…we accidentally had to cut a ton of people. But in our defense, we were probably waiting even longer than them. We then got our tickets, but then had to go all the way in to the Forum right then. We perched up so we could see the gate and waited, hoping that they would know to come there when we weren’t at the exit. Sure enough, they arrived (right when we expected) and then we ran around the ground together. We had a bit of a mishap with our ATM cards not working properly in Rome, so Thomas had to work that out, with Chase’s card as backup to pay our flat guy. They separated from us again, with a plan to meet at the Pantheon at 7:15, and if not, be home at 10, to let us in (one key problems).


The weather at the forum was so nice, it was probably the first time we almost had sweat on our brow from the sun since….October? We had looked up some places to eat on TripAdvisor before we left and we went to try and find one. It was closed when we got there, a bit past “lunch” time. We ended up eating at a sandwich shop that had a lot of locals in it, with no translations of any of the food… Some were definable on my phone’s dictionary, but some…weren’t. Chase ordered a safe, “Prosciutto and mozzarella,” but I ordered salami, cheese and an unknown substance. The unknown substance was HOT CHILI OIL. It tasted like Korea. It’s lucky that I have been somewhat congested and can’t taste much, or I would have been complaining a lot more than I did. You couldn’t taste anything except hot. But the bread was good. Ha.

We spent a lot of time inside the Colosseum, and then found the real gelato place. It was good. Plus, “cream” didn’t include lemon. It started to rain then. The street sellers try to sell you umbrellas like rain is going to kill you. We watched one guy follow a family around. We got back to the Pantheon to meet Reid and Thomas…nowhere to be found. We stepped into a coffee/gelato shop to use their wifi (for the price of an espresso) and I sent them a note that said, PLEASE BE HOME BY 10. I was super tired, at this point, and ready to get out of the rain. Unfortunately, the next place we tried to eat at on TripAdvisor was also closed, and Chase got a bit hangry. We ended up eating at a touristy restaurant, near a bunch of shopping. We set off to find the Spanish Steps after that, and turned a corner and we were there. Not often do you find these things on accident…


There, we negotiated with a guy for an umbrella. He gave us a hot pink one, alluding that it was for me. It was nice, because then nobody asked us if we wanted to buy an umbrella…for a little while. Then another guy asked, and he bought another. Instead of getting a more…masculine colored one, the guy chose for him, and handed him another bright pink umbrella, so we could match. Bahahaha. I laughed so much.

We got home about 955 and rang in…No answer. We sat at a little pizza shop (and bought pizza, which was extremely good, even though we weren’t hungry) on the same road as our flat and waited for them. Thomas said they tried to sneak past me. I gave every single person that walked by that door the death glare, waiting for them. I was NOT going to miss them. They were late because they got to go into St. Peter’s Basilica, which they were afraid was going to be closed. But…10:40, guys. My pleading facebook message was not successful.



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