Roma, Day 1: Happy Easter

Easter Sunday:

We arrived at our hostel, which was a more like a flat, and the guy there was super helpful: he broke the city down into different architecture sections, circled things we needed to see, and would be easy to see together. He pointed us in the direction of a place for lunch, and we had our first of many wonderful meals in Italy. We all ordered pasta, which is typically a “first course” before meats. Lunch was very leisurely, and the ravioli was super great. Except I think I’ve learned that I’m allergic to tomatoes, which I really dislike.

We walked to the Colosseum, which seemed really far the first day, but by day three, it seemed extremely close. We saw the outside, and walked around the pathways in the area a bit. It was so packed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in one condensed area in my life, all looking to do the same thing. At one point, Thomas stopped to take a picture and I walked by and met Chase at the corner. Then we both waited there for them to walk down the road a bit and we never saw Thomas or Reid come down. We went looking, but there were just so many people, it was impossible. After hearing about where they were looking for us, I’m pretty sure we were all in the same place.

Our hostel guy told us about the “best gelato in Rome,” and so at this point, Chase and I set off to find it. It was near the Trevi Fountain, which had so many people surrounding it, I could barely move. That fountain is so much bigger in real life than I have ever imagined it in my brain. We walked around for a long time up and downt eh streets the guy had marked and never found it, so we settled on one of the many other gelaterias on that street. It was really tasty, although we ordered “Cream” flavor expecting a sweet cream flavor, and it had lemon zest in it…We weren’t really sure what was going on, and mixed a bit weird with my chocolate. Delicious, nonetheless. Here is a photo snapped by the oh-so-great-at-photography Chase, at the fountains….Note all the people. I was standing on a ledge.


We walked from there to the Pantheon, but it was closed. We tried to figure out when it would be open, but it was confusing about “day after holidays” and if Easter Monday was a holiday or the day after a holiday…The next day, we found out anyway. It was closed. But the doors are open a bit, so people (including me) took pictures.


The second place the hostel guy recommended was a pizza restaurant called Montecarlo. We weren’t very hungry, but when we saw the size of the pizzas, we were like, “Well…guess we’re hungry.” Served on a super thin crust, I had pizza with squash flowers, per Amy’s request. They brought a really nice, different flavor to it. Chase had some boy pizza, with prosciutto on it. It was good too. I say boy pizza, but I love prosciutto. I was just noting that I had flowers on mine, and he had meat on his. Ha.


On the way home, we walked past the Roman Forum at night. I couldn’t wait to go back there the next day!

Also, snagged this beauty of the Colosseo.


Then we waited for Reid and Thomas to get home, and I nearly fell asleep. It had been a long day.



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