Amsterdam Ketchup: Conclusion

I’m home from spring break in ITALIA! Those blog updates will be awhile…So hope that we don’t do anything exciting between now and the time they’re done.

Chase and I are working on a project right now, but I prewrote this blog on my phone, so hopefully he doesn’t notice that I’m not doing work…

Sunday, we got our butts out of bed and went to Keukenhof. Let’s be real though, about what ACTUALLY got us out of bed in the mornings: free, really good breakfast at the hotel closes at 10:30 on the weekends. They had REAL bacon, y’all. That was so exciting.

We came on apparently a record breaking cold weekend to The Netherlands, which did not surprise me one bit. My luck. I booked tickets online that included buses from Amsterdam, which was great, though. We got in to Keukenhof and nothing was blooming outside. Some things were sprouting, and some tulips had everything but a flower. Thy had big crates along the sidewalk full of bloomed tulips, but it wasn’t the same. Luckily, there were a couple flower shows happening that weekend, so I got my fill of tulips. 🙂 They were indoors, as well. Which was a huge plus. The tulip show was the best (my opinion). There were a lot of them with frilly and spiky edges, like this:

So cool. They also had various scenes and themes set up around the room, like this:

We all took a picture at one that involved all of us in bowlers hats…I am not allowed to upload it to the interwebz. But it would be a great picture of the four of us if there were no hats. Did I mention that the hats that Reid and I wore had tulips sticking out of them? And there were only three hats and so a lady went and got one for Chase….you can’t NOT wear it now.

Overall, disappointed that there wasn’t anything outside, but that’s my own fault. But still worth it: you have to see tulips if you go to Holland.

After we got home, we headed for the Heineken tour. It was definitely attempting to develop a new target market of the younger generation. But it was really cool, and that’s probably why I enjoyed it. You got to see the old factory, the Heineken horses, try the barley mix (wort), watch a little 4D movie about bottling, learn how to correctly drink a beer, learn how to say cheers in Dutch In the tasting room (which our Dutch exchange girls told us we say horribly), watch old and new advertising campaigns, and of course, there’s beer at the end. In the tasting room, they served mini glasses (all beer comes in mini glasses in Amsterdam…half liter instead of a pint). Guess who won an extra beer because she knew the name of the guy in the video? This girl. His name was Alex, FYI. There were a lot of people who literally only tasted the beer in the first room. We didn’t really understand why they didn’t drink them…it’s what you pay for!

While we were there, a girl came up to us from Guatemala. She was traveling Europe and staying with a bunch of friend’s houses. Tonight was the first night she didn’t have her friend because of work, so she asked us if we were going out later. We said probably, and we all went to Chinese for dinner. I had a really good egg drop soup and some fried prawns. We went to a bar after that and talked for a long time, but I think we were too boring for her, because she peaced out not too long after. That takes a lot of guts though, to walk up to a group and speak English and invite yourself to hang out. I wouldn’t want to do that. I guess we look friendly, at least.

Chase and I were following Thomas around, and at one point ended up at a salsa bar. Well. We all know I can’t do that…so we just went home.

In the morning, Chase took his flight back, and the rest of us went to a free diamond museum (no real diamonds really on display) and the public library. At the diamond museum, an Asian family approached Thomas and took pictures of their children with him. We died a little inside. I bet it would have been funnier if I had seen it.

The public library is one of the top attractions in Amsterdam. It’s got a ton of floors, and is super modern looking. We were exhausted, so it was nice to be someplace warm. I sat close to the window, overlooking a harbor, and read my own book I had brought (Game of Thrones, book 2 :)). Thomas and I then went upstairs and had a snack at their cafe. I had some sort of rice pie, it was really hard to explain. But so delicious.

We had a bit of drama trying to figure out how to get to the airport, but ended up taking the train—it was a great deal, and we should have known about it earlier.

Things I learned in Amsterdam:
-People don’t queue. Please take me back to the UK.
-They drive on the correct side of the road, even though I almost got hit by a car because I finally got used to being on the left…
-The tram timetables are just suggestions.



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