Weekend Ketchup: Saturday

Side note: I hate ketchup. I don’t know why I thought this would be a great title.

Side note 2: I really like to use colons in titles for things. Nearly all of my papers in high school and college have had a similar heading.

Saturday, we made our way to the Anne Frank House. If you are unfamiliar with her story, her family and others lived in an apartment above her father’s workplace to escape the Nazis during World War II. They were eventually discovered, and taken to Auschwitz, Anne later dying in Bergen-Belsen. Her father, Otto, lived until the 80’s, and he is the one that made the decision to publish her diary and open the annex to the public. It was extremely surreal to see that bookcase and walk up the stairs behind it. Otto requested that the Annex remain unfurnished in museum form, but the walls are still the same, with Anne’s pictures plastered up in her room.
This tour made her very human; even her old friends talked about her personality, saying she was feisty, maybe a bit stuck up and sometimes mean. One thing that stuck with me is that her father discussed how close he and Anne were, yet when he read her diary, he realized how much of his daughter he didn’t know, her complex thoughts and feelings on their situation. It made me smile — She was a 14 year old girl, of course her dad didn’t understand her.

The museum was close to the Red Light District, so we took a stroll through there. Thankfully, during the day. I immediately got an eerie feeling when turning down the street. Tons of sex shops, marijuana coffeeshops, and windows with the curtains drawn. I mean, I knew that someone was going to eventually going to be standing in one of those windows, but the first time I saw one, I was taken aback. How fitting that Not For Sale’s current campaign is Hope for Amsterdam. Intermittently between being troubled out of my mind, I was praying. Praying hard for these women, who may not even know that there is another way to make a living, or who are unwillingly being owned by another. My heart broke walking down those roads.

From there, we walked to the Heineken Experience tour, but the last tour had already left by the time we got there. We ended up eating dinner around there, and then went out in a nearby plaza for the night. Lots of bars, thankfully playing some music that 1. has lyrics and 2. is from this century. I appreciated that immensely.

No pictures from this day, that’s weird.



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