(title a weekend joke)

We went to Glasgow this weekend!

It was pretty dreary because it rained all day yesterday and today. I hope next weekend is nicer…big plans.

We took the MegaBus, which is a cheap way to travel, but sometimes there are a lot of stops. There was a guy behind me who had his phone on speaker and he talked to someone for awhile. He was a proper Glaswegian and I could understand approximately ZERO words from him, besides “aye,” “Aberdeen” and a couple of swear words.

On the way home, I had a real good sleep on the bus, although I am pretty sure the bus guy put us on the wrong bus… We rode a bus that went direct to Aberdeen. It was magic.

We visited the Kelvingrove Museum and Park, which was a really cool place – plus, most museums here in Scotland are free. There was a guy on a tour from Florida, and we asked where he was from. This was our conversation:

“Where are you from?”

“Florida. I mean, America.”

“We’re from Oklahoma.”

Do we sound NOT American? and is this good or bad? Chase said, “I don’t know whether to be offended or not.” My thought was, even if you weren’t from the US…you know where Florida is. That’s probably the largest vacation spot for everyone here.


We also ate at a New York/America themed restaurant, which was glorious. There was a giant American flag covering the ceiling, and mini flags on everyone’s tables.


Overall, it was just refreshing to see pretty architecture and a bit more character than we see here in Aberdream!

This week, Lizz is coming. I see her TOMORROW. I AM SO EXCITED.



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