‘Merican brunch and Monday

Why doesn’t brunch exist here?

Yesterday we had family day at Thomas’.

I brought fruit and syrup (which I was pleasantly surprised by), and the flowers. What brunch is complete without flowers, right?

Thomas made scrambled eggs with spinach, cheese and bacon. Holy moly, it was so good.

We did right by brunch, that’s for sure.

Chase and I ended up staying over at Thomas’ until suuuuper late. Thomas said, “Well, you guys have been here for over 12 hours…” That was kind of our cue to go…haha

Today, I worked in the morning, and we had class this afternoon. After class, I was on my own and ended up shopping. Bought essentially a new outfit (they go with jeans)…including a pink scarf. What. It’s super light..I am rather proud of myself for the combo, until Cat or someone tells me it’s not a good combo. I’ve got brown and navy and gray. I hope that’s okay… Also bought strawberry gummies in the line. They’re so good.

Thomas is coming over tonight for a shells and cheese/Pitch Perfect/Kool-Aid/Skype Caroline date. Yayyy!



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