And my record continues, J.

We did something nearly every night last week after class. Saturday morning we got our lives together and headed over to Inverness.

There were two exchange kids sitting next to us on the train. They talked so loud, in Spanish, and the guy was wearing a cheap kilt and showing off his undergarments. We could have done without all of that situation. If looks could kill, all four of us would probably be in prison.

My weird/bad luck with planning things continues, Justin. You’ll be proud to know.

I booked a backpacker’s hostel in Drumnadrochit, which is the city that Urquhart Castle is in, right on Loch Ness. We walk up and it’s got a giant painting of Nessie on the side, and a really tattered awning over the door. There was nobody at reception, and I was pretty embarrassed.

Then we walked all the way to Urquhart Castle to see it before we checked in, and it was super expensive to get in, and we dubbed it not worth it. I, again, felt bad for dragging everyone all the way to Drumnadrochit. Then the bus situation the next day, was almost just too much for my ego.

Once we finally got into the hostel though, it was a great little place to stay. We got a “family room”, with 4 beds. Reid and I were on the bunk beds, and somehow Chase ended up with the big bed. We had a Pegasus painting watching over us, so that was a plus.

We went on a hike that took us to the top of a huge hill where we could see the town and the loch. It would have been a perfect place for a picnic.

We ate at a really good restaurant, and got snacks and hung out back in our room. It was a great time to relax, and we all went to bed, probably the earliest since we’ve been here.
I was probably asleep by 10:15. We woke up the next day in time to check out at 10 and felt really good.

On the way home, there was a lady sitting across the aisle from Chase who was listening to her music SO loud, I sang along and he danced in his seat. She never noticed…

All in all, it was a great time to just hang out and relax.



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