It’s a beautiful day today!

Reid and I are going to the beach later I think…He wants to swim in it. What.

Today, we gave a group presentation in class with a few other people. Our teacher was extremely impressed.

1. Thomas made a Prezi.

2. Nobody here knows how to give presentations.

3. We did research for it, which is apparently a big deal. My contribution to research was legitimately ONE google search for “asymmetric information in insurance.” It came up with two journal articles.

We used words like Risk Management. She ate it up.

The girl whose group is going next week said, “Well, no pressure for the next group.” And the teacher, after she had finished singing praises, said, “Uh, I’m sure yours will be fine.” She didn’t sound convinced…

That girl in our class that really “stirred the pot” a few weeks ago didn’t show up, which is a shame. We ran into her on the way out, and Thomas made a snarky comment at her. Life.



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