On Sunday, we had family day. We went down to the beach to a Chinese buffet, and then went to Reid’s and watched Harry Potter. Our DVDs don’t work on the DVD players here, so…We had to watch it on his computer. We all fit on his bed. Bahahaha

Yesterday, we felt horrible. Chase and I both called in sick to work, and Reid doesn’t work on Mondays. Thomas skipped class to go to a conference with work. The people in my class read off the slides to answer the questions. I don’t know if any comprehension happens. Last week, the teacher stopped a girl and asked if she understood what she was reading. HA. But we learned about JOAs, so it was pretty low-key for us.

I came home and made quiche. It was pretty good. I also picked up something at the store that may be the worst idea ever.

I’ll keep you posted on that.

My package finally came from my mom. I am going right now downstairs to pick it up!

Also: REALLY good strawberries from Spain in the grocery store yesterday, big box, 2 quid.



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