By our facebook pictures, you probably couldn’t tell…

Yesterday we went to Stonehaven, and Dunnottar Castle. It was so cool! It was a great day to go, a quick train ride, and the best fish and chips ever.

I also did something I probably shouldn’t have done. Near the very top of a winding staircase, there was a locked gate so that people didn’t go all the way to the top. There was a little bit of wider space at the bottom and…climbed in. Then some people were coming up the stairs, and I had to run out the window. Thomas was standing there and was like, “OH SORRY THERE’S A DEAD END AND NOBODY CAN GET UP THERE”. Then once they left I squeezed back through. Possibly the quickest I’ve escaped something like that!

I even ran into my supervisor on the beach with his daughter!

Uploading pictures now, to push the club pictures farther down our News Feeds…haha



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