It’s Thomas’ Birthday.

That is all.

Not really, just kidding. We signed him in for class, and he got to enjoy it, I hope! Today was a really great day, so…I have to tell you about it.

Chase and I went to class, and then visited Union Square. It’s a giant mall……..We had some Latin/Mexican (?) food. I thiiiink it might have satisfied Chase’s weird craving thing for a little bit.

Then Reid and I went to the beach. It was such a great day today, weather wise. It was a miracle! There were people surfing, but I wasn’t about to get in that water…And we also found a playground, which was just what I needed today.

We went out to a top rated Italian restaurant for Thomas’ birthday – Karla came too – and it was really really good. Best food experience in Aberdeen thus far, probably/definitely.

After (our three-hour) dinner, we just went back to Thomas’ flat and hung out. Family time! 🙂

Tomorrow we are going to Stonehaven. I’ve got to charge my camera!



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