I actually made the bus today and didn’t have to wait a billion minutes for the next one.

We had class, and during our break I ate my lunch that I brought: apple, honey and brie sandwich. It was excellent.

I went to work for the afternoon. My module area was lively today, and I heard many funny stories and attempts at different accents. My computer freaked out about 4:45, and so I had to log out and log back in. I finally got back in when at 5 o’clock, the fire alarm started going off. I was supposed to stay until 5:30, but since we had to evacuate the building, and my computer was already shut down…yeah, I left. There was definitely something burning once I got down to the first floor, so hopefully I have an office to go into tomorrow morning.

After work, I met up with a girl with whom I share (great English, I know.)  a mutual friend from Tulsa. I can’t tell you how nice it was to talk to a girl. I love you boys, but…It’s almost been a month now, and I need some more girl interaction in my life. I really need to repaint my nails, but haven’t brought it up because nobody would care. We went to Starbucks, but then it closed (at 6pm…what is life), and so we walked to a pub next door. There we met two of her friends and they went to dinner.

I went home, made dinner, and then skyped my mom. She went to her car and ate a cupcake with me for my Gotcha Day (it’s today). I didn’t have a cupcake, but I bought a muffin from Starbucks and put Nutella on top for icing. Close enough!

Then I skyped my grandparents and now I am considering doing my work for tutorial tomorrow…They pointed out it doesn’t sound like I’ve been studying…



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