“Does this count as our workout for today?”

Thomas and I went to the grocery store down by campus after the Rugby game yesterday (Ireland lost). We get to the bus stop, and wait 13 minutes for it to arrive. We see it come around the corner and exit the bus stop, and wave around. He stops past the station, and lets a woman off. Then he quickly shut the doors and kept driving. That was horrible. We were NOT waiting another 20 minutes for a bus. I said, “the other option is to get across the street and wait at that other stop for the one going the other direction…But THERE it is.” We see the bus coming around from the other side and we haul across the street…Thomas even ran right in front of the bus.

Anyway, we made it on. And then as I was walking home, about halfway there was a guy that asked me if he could help carry my stuff. I was like, “UHNOTHANKSICANHANDLEIT,” but he was going to my flats as well. He’s a petroleum engineer master’s student from India. So…I let him. I told him about my mishap, and he was on the same bus as us. He said, “Yeah, I saw you running across the street. With that black man.”

That’s us.

Then we had family dinner (Chinese food) at Thomas’, and DIDN’T work on homework. The BAFTAs were on….

Then I walked with Reid to his flat, and got on the bus there. When it arrived, the guy told me, “I can only take you to Castle Street.” I said whatever, but two stops later, everyone had to get off. I was successfully further away from my flat than I would have been from Reid’s.For perspective, it’s 0.7 miles from Reid’s door to my door. It’s 0.8 miles from where the bus dropped me to my flat. SIGH.

I give up on the bus, y’all. I’m thankful for it, to get down to campus, but other than that….I have no faith in it any longer.

In other news, here are some random pictures of our life:



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