I should be sleeping.

Or doing anything but blogging, really.

But I am talking to my love and thinking about the last few days. So, oh well… šŸ™‚

Monday, I went in to work for the first time and found out about my project. I get to research a bunch of things about transportation in the offshore drilling sector. Since I know absolutely nothing, it will definitely prove to be both challenging and interesting. There is one guy at my little module at work that is the “funny guy,” and I am glad he is friendly.

We were really unprepared for our tutorial on Monday, but luckily the whole class was. I still don’t like how blatantly disrespectful students are in class. They talk through the whole thing. Sometimes I stare awkwardly intent at the teacher because I can’t hear what he’s saying.

Chase’s kitchen in his flat is…a dismal situation. So last night, he made dinner at my flat because it is cleeeeeean. He tried to make fajitas from a kit, but the seasoning was barbeque flavored. Weird.

I think this is only the second day that I haven’t walked all the way to one of the boys’ flats to hang out. I came home from work, made dinner, chilled in the living room, and then camped in my bed and watched half of season one of New Girl.

I should go running…But it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. The snow today was…minimal.



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