Status Alive: CONFIRMED

Mom freaked out because I left my phone at home all day yesterday. Haha I’m alive, for the record, everyone…

On Thursday, I had marketing at 9am…That was rough. But I got hot chocolate on the way, and had a good time. I came home and went running, and made dinner.

That night, Chase and I went with some of the other exchange kids to a pub/restaurant that is in an old church. There was a guy that set up to sing around 930, so that was nice. It’s fascinating to play the game, “church or bar?” here, because many of them have been renovated into restaurants or clubs. I suppose it’s better than tearing down that piece of history, after all, the Church isn’t a building.

After that, we went to a club that was having a “silent disco.” I was so intrigued by it that we HAD to go. It’s where everyone there has their own set of wireless headphones and there were two channels that you could switch between. It’s more or less quiet on the outside, except for all the people singing really loudly/horridly. It was wonderful, it’s like rocking out to your own iPod, but being able to sing along because nobody can hear you. Also, a brilliant concept, that I’m sure people started because of noise ordinances. HA.

Yesterday we didn’t have class. We normally do, but since it’s the first week, we didn’t have to go to tutorial. So…I did nothing. I went with Chase down to school and picked up his clothes that his mom sent, ate McDonalds, and we all went out with Alice last night. That was…pretty much my whole day. It was chilly yesterday, and also, my legs hurt pretty bad from my run. Might go today, but we shall seeeeee….



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