Guess what I did today?

I went running. What. For those of you that know me…this is revolutionary. I got the novel idea on the way home from Uni today. They dropped me off in front of a store that had running leggings, and BAM, I turned into a runner.

Not quite. But I eventually got ready, and wore the only headband had (it kept my headphones in).

Loooook at the leggings. And my brown Pancake shirt. Not over it.

As an aside….It’s weird getting a 6 and having it be almost too small. UK sizes are weird.

I had to figure out how to store my keys, because the leggings had no pockets, and the pockets on my golf jacket still have holes from freshman year…in high school. I attached the keyring like this:

Before I stepped more than 50 feet, I knew that wasn’t happening anymore. I carried them in my free hand.

I mapped out a way to run along the beach, and headed that way. The first time I left, I ran around the block. Literally. I ended up back at my flat. Whoops.

Anyway, I eventually made it to the beach, without too much walking. I did not look cute, but my mama says, “Running ain’t no beauty contest. The best runners are often the worst looking ones.” That must mean I’m pretty good.

I had a mini-church to myself out there, singing chrouses to my favorite songs. It was a great breath of fresh air in more ways than one. Hearing the water in the background, the beach was a very worshipful place to be.

On the way back through town, I also made a small investment with the 10 quid I carried in my shoe. I got an armband for my keys. I’ve never made so many running investments before. Can’t turn back now.

My mama will be proud….



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