ruined clothes

Last night, I went over to Thomas’ to do my laundry. Mine costs 2 quid to wash and 1 to dry. His is in his flat. However….It’s one of those combo washer/dryers. My mama will know, we haven’t had the best luck with those in the past. Once in Korea, my dad shrunk his shirt so small that it didn’t even fit me.

I found it at long last, and stood outside for 20 minutes because Thomas didn’t answer his phone to come get me, and I didn’t know the other door was open.

My purple trousers (skinny jeans) bled on all of my clothes. My Pancake Breakfast shirt went form green to khaki. Whoops.image

Today, we had our first Marketing class. It was a long lecture hall, and nobody sat in the first HALF of the room. The professor looked like he was a mile away. So weird. Tomorrow I might sit closer. If I arrive on time. I was a minute late. I blame the lady that was trying to get off on the stop I was getting on the bus. I think that 45 minutes should be PLENTY of time to ride the bus. Apparently not.

Our marketing teacher is pretty funny. Except it’s a freshman class. The focus that will be required tomorrow morning will be high…Today class was at 11, but tomorrow it is at 9.

Should get some sleep. 🙂 Bank problems today. That was frustrating. Life.



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