Today has been long. Last night, Reid and I realized we had only been gone from home for 10 days. That’s crazy.

This morning, I went to get my bus pass, because paying 4,8 quid a day is stupid. Then I went and got a few notebooks at Poundland for my classes, and also thumbtacks for my bulletin board in my flat. Someday I might let you see where I live. Maybe.

Class today was good, it was like microeconomics all over again – we talked about causes of inflation today.

Then we were freeeeee, so I came home, and tried to make lemon chicken for lunch. The chicken stock stuff that I got at the store was very weird, so it almost had an Indian food taste to it. It was still okay, but weird.

I have more to say about today, but I am tired. I’ll catch up tomorrow!



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