I texted all the boys that this morning. They did not appreciate my Finding Nemo reference. Chase told me to calm down.


This morning, I thought I could catch the bus right outside my dorm at 8:25, and I waited ten minutes with no luck. So then I decided that I would just try to walk to campus (pushing about an hour walk, but I had an hour). I was going the wrong way on the street, and it was just a mess. I finally found a bus stop with a billion students waiting to get on it, so I figured it was the right one. Then I got off too early, and got dropped off at the west side of campus. I found this outside, along the path I was walking:

Sad news day that my phone I use wasn’t yet hooked up to the wifi.

We did all the orientation stuff today – they made copies of our passports, we officially “enrolled” and got our student IDs. The all day bus pass today was 4,8 quid, so I am going to get a bus pass in the morning. It’s 130 quid for 12 weeks.

We then had UK Oil and Gas Law. This class will be very interesting. Although we knew most everything today about the global stage of energy, there are many aspects of the UK law that we are unfamiliar with. For example, they think it’s weird that there are onshore rigs. Ha. But our professor for that class is going to be like our mentor and support while we are here. I think we are all going out with him next week.

For dinner, we went over to Angela’s house. They made us traditional Scottish food, Irn Bru, and even haggis! There was a vegetarian kind, and then the real kind. It was very oat-y, and not bad. Also: Sticky Toffee Pudding + Ice Cream. just YES.



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