Day #1

It’s not actually that cold. I was pleased. However, it is supposed to “heavily rain” almost all of next week. Very, very gray. everything. Dougie was right.

Today, I mostly unpacked my room. I had to figure out how to use the shower—There are two strings you have to pull to turn the light on. So there was that. Luckily, my flatmate Heather was walking by when I was standing there in the dark.

Chase came over and we went to dinner. We found a high rated Indian restaurant online and went there. We got there and it was only 4:30, so we had to come back at 5… It was really good, and somewhat cost effective. We can’t afford to eat out here all the time though—obviously. That was about £10 per person.

We also walked around on the main road, and found a place where I can “top up” my phone and add minutes to it. We also found PoundLand, which is essentially like Dollar Tree, but more like the $1.57 Store. We didn’t buy anything there, but we will. I’ve got to get a laundry basket, and a lightbulb for my desk lamp.

After dinner, we all went to Chase’s to find the Thunder game to stream online. Part of the way through it, the guy who is watching it on his actual TV kept trying to change the channel. That was frustrating. Hahaha.

So, now it’s 2am and I have to figure out how to use the bus in 6 hours so I’m gonna peace. 🙂



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