Paris Recap #2

And the conclusion of my Paris experience:

Day #2 in Paris:

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery

Jim Morrison is buried here, but we didn’t find it. Lots of sepulchers, and a lot of creepily open tombs.


We wanted to go to the Catacombs of Paris, but we got all the way down there (we were up north, and the Catacombs were down south), to walk right by the entrance and get a little lost, and also find out that they are closed due to technical difficulties until future notice. After we got home, a guy in our room at the hostel told us, “Oh yeah, it was closed when my girlfriend came three months ago.” Well, THANKS for telling us that when you were talking them up yesterday like they were a must-see. They should ALSO update their website.

Musee d’Orsay

This was a really cool museum! There were tons of impressionist paintings, which is Chase’s fave. I saw a couple super famous ones, and a lot of naked people (in paintings.). We were exhausted, so we probably didn’t appreciate this as much as we should have. At least we got a student discount.


After the museum, we just went home, Chase and I watched Pitch Perfect, and ate at lots of bakeries, and had dinner at an Italian restaurant, complete with a server that spoke Spanish to us. Our hostel was right on the river, so after dinner Reid and I took a stroll. We saw a really cool boat that was docked and open as a bluegrass/country playing bar.

Wonderful Paris, I can’t believe you are coming to a close. But not without a few funny stories.



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