Paris: Day 1

Sorry, we’ve had terrible wi-fi in the room at the hostel. It works better in the lobby, but we were all so tired after we got home, we always just hung out in the room. Here is what I have prepared while I was hanging out for a billion hours at the airport:

How about a Recap of Paris?

Full Day #1: Tourists FTW

1. SUCH GOOD FOOD. We are going to be starting a food blog. Possibly. If the boys will continue to allow me to take pictures of their food. I am considering the name FFFF: Four Friends Find Food. Catchy or sucky? I have acronym probs. #SCP. I will not be discussing food here. Will let you know about all that later…Instagrams of peoples’ food is a phenomenon, but I felt like it should have a blog of its own. Also, we have considered dropping out of EM and eating and critiquing food all over the world on a TV show. Sorry, Ted. Would people watch our show? We think we’re REAL funny.


We hit all the big attractions in the south this day.

Notre Dame

This was amazing, just the idea of being here. PLUS Reid and I took a precious picture at the front. We just determined while sitting here that all the good-looking pictures all happen to have us in them. Just saying. They had a big thing in the way at the very front for a dedication event thing that they haven’t taken down. That was annoying, but okay. It was its 850-year anniversary! I have a cool surprise from here that I can’t post about…yay presents!


Archaeologic crypt (old city) below Notre Dame

This was cool, because I was nerding out about rocks. I probably couldn’t tell you anything about this. Although they did have a really cool digital rendition of the cathedral inside, where you could see it at all stages of its building. Whoever designed that was awesome, because there were even people walking around.

Eiffel Tower

This was real life. It was 3.5 Euro to climb to the second level. My doctor would be so proud. It was real work, but I pushed through the burn…It was so worth it once we got there. Even though every day seems to be overcast, you could still see so much of the city. Not going to lie, I was hoping someone would get proposed to up there, so I checked out all the girls’ hands that were going down the stairs as we were going up them, but then I figured that if you were going to propose, you should probably spring for the elevator to the very top so she doesn’t have to walk up the stairs…


Arc de Triomphe

This was cool, but we had just walked up the Eiffel Tower and opted out of climbing up…


Louvre (outside)

The website says that on the day the museum is open late, there is a reduced rate at 6pm. THAT IS A LIE! The person we asked when we got there said, “We haven’t done that for a couple years.” I think they should update their website… 


Okay, now we’re at the airport. In Gatwick. It’s 2:10 am, and our plane doesn’t leave until 7. We’ve been here for about a half and hour. Sigh.



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