Hostel Life

I hope you enjoy how much I’ve been blogging. It won’t last, so appreciate it now!

There is a bar connected to the hostel and so last night a bunch of American kids studying here came to watch the football games. It was fun, but to put it in perspective, the Ravens-Patriots game didn’t start until 1 am. I went to bed at halftime. I have no idea how late Thomas stayed up. Which is probably why I ate breakfast at “9:15 in the breakfast room, 915, 915, 915.” alone at 930.

The bathrooms smell like a port-a-potty, but they are clean. A hot shower felt so great last night. The beds are cozy: there is a foamy mattress and a comforter-type cover.

Today we roamed around again. We roamed to find food, then ate, then roamed, then ate. All day. It was great. Our food and reviews will be found on the food blog when we have time.

Right now I have to work on my scholarship application for AAPL!

Here are some more pictures of Barcelona 🙂




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