“Same clothes like I’m in the cartoons, ’cause I went and did it hard from midnight till noon”

-Swoon, Timeflies

This song is how I feel at this point. I don’t even know how to count how long I have been in these clothes…Is it bad that I knew I wanted this to be a title of a post while I was still on the first plane?

I am here in…Barcelona!

So, at first I said the plane was supposed to leave at 10:45. They decided they needed to de-ice the plane, AFTER we boarded at 11. We sat on the runway until 12. For being two hours late, I only arrived one hour late.

They stamped my passport in Germany, but not when I got off the plane in Spain.. đŸ˜¦

Chase was waiting for me when I walked out, I told him I’ve never been so happy to see him in my whole life. We took the bus to the city center, and walked to our hostel. There are tons of people here!

After dropping our stuff, we walked all the way to the beach. Then we ate tapas for dinner near the marina, and found our way home.

Now we are waiting for Thomas to arrive. I hope he can find this place in the dark!



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