4,95€ for my thoughts

Quite literally.

I have one hour, both in the airport, and on the internet…yippee!

there are funny airport/plane stories to come, but for now:
It is snowing! I arrived in Frankfurt at 8:30, and my next plane was supposed to leave at 9:50, but it has been delayed until 10:45ish. They announced that it was -5 degrees. I realized it was Celsius, and it made me feel better.

I am not THAT addicted to social networks that I had to be online during this time. There are a couple things I need to do on my computer without the internet (ie tag people in iPhoto), but I don’t want Chase to leave me at the airport. I got on so I could facebook him…

I cannot yet confirm nor deny that he received it….ugh.

Also, all the flights going out right now are all to the US.

Dallas/Ft. Worth, anyone?



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