settling in…at the airport.

The local time is 12:05 pm.

I arrived at 9 am.

I am in the same airport.

My first leg of my flight was a domestic flight to the East Coast. The people all exited the plane, and all of the sudden, they announced a maintenance delay at the same minute that we were supposed to board. They saw all of the international flyers at the counter, to put us on a different aircraft.

They put me on a plane direct from here to my connection in Europe, and I will still arrive at my final destination at the original time. I am satisfied by that, at least.

Except this one was supposed to leave at 11 am. And the next one is at 3 pm.

Now I have time to do all the things I need to do, like:

  • Call the bank
  • Buy Skype credit
  • Load new/different music onto my phone before the plane

It was all fine and dandy until they told me, “You know where you checked in at US Airways? You have to go to the Lufthansa desk right next to it, and check in with them.”

I felt like this guy:


I was not particularly amused that I was required to go through security again. I promise that nothing in my bag has changed in the past three hours. Except I was on the border of eating some of my snacks. I spend 35 minutes in the security line for round number one, but luckily the second time was quicker (or felt quicker, at least.)

Here I am now, I was back through security, got lunch, and have been chilling at my gate. Half an hour down, 2 and a half to go!



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