Internet Fame

Now that I’ve told more than one person about it, I believe it’s not really a secret anymore….

I am secretly obsessed with becoming internet famous.

Although I refuse to make a vlog, I have:

The closest I’ve come:

This is one of my comments on a YouTube video. I’m a top comment, guys.

I’ve also once had 12 people I didn’t know repin something that I invented and cooked my very own self on Pinterest.

Anyways, where I’m going with this is: I asked them to publish this blog on my school’s study abroad website. And I checked today, and it’s up! Success.

This was also a shameless push for views of my cooking blog. I plan to also be updating that while abroad, but they did not feature it on the website.

It’s also another way to stay in the loop with me while I’m gone!



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