Home from Passion 2013!

…In other news, I just returned from a fabulous trip to Atlanta!

Passion is always a great time to gear up properly for the year ahead. As I prepare for my long journey, it was extremely fitting for me to resolve to surrender my life to the One that knows all things.

This year, I took away from this week a couple main things:

1. A strong desire and joy in prayer, which I have never experienced before.

2. TRUST in the Lord, because His promises are always true.

3. Trust in Him today, for today. Tomorrow has its own mercies and troubles anew. I am slowly learning to take life day by day as it is given to me. If I do not worry about trying to control my future, He can do immeasurably more with it than I could have ever imagined.

Shoutout to my family group from CGyellow5! You guys were the bomb. I enjoyed every moment we spent together. Being serious and funny, prayer warriors and poop poem readers (don’t ask)…it’s everything I could have ever wanted! Thank you for being wonderful, honest, loving and accepting.

Also, we are in a fight in my generation to end slavery in forced labor and sex trafficking. To raise awareness, the End It Movement is a 4-month campaign to expose these realities to the world. To sign the pledge that you are “in it to end it,” go here! We are the Lord’s people, and it is our job to rescue them in the name of Jesus!

Psalm 103:6
The LORD works righteousness and justice for the oppressed…

My mom sent me this today and said: Good news, God’s on the End It team too!



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