Gearing Up

Getting ready to leave again is starting to freak me out!

Next semester, I will be studying and working in Aberdeen, Scotland with 3 others from my university.

On Friday, we booked my flight, and it got real…We are traveling around for a little bit before we head up to school, so my plane is booked through to Spain!

I know that all the kinks will work out, but here are the main things of my concern at the moment:

1. We haven’t yet been accepted to the uni in Scotland.

2. So we don’t have housing.

3. So we don’t know the number we are supposed to put on our visa forms.

4. So our visas aren’t done.

The visa thing is totally stressing me out. We will have to get fingerprinted in Oklahoma City whenever we have all of our paperwork done, and I am just praying that our paperwork came in the mail this past week when we were on vacation and it’s just waiting in the study abroad office.

One can hope.



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