this BITES.

Two spider bites on ankle, 5 mosquito type bites on my tummy. In the past two days.

Washed sheets last night, washed all clothes that were in storage tonight.

The health center looked and my fluid-leaking blister bite and said, “Just keep putting neosporin on it twice a day.” Seriously, this is why they pay these doctors the big bucks. I literally saw him for 30 seconds, after the nurse was in there for 10 minutes, trying to demand the exact date of the last time I had a menstrual cycle. (Me: I don’t know, about 4 weeks ago? Her: I need an exact day. There’s a calendar up there.) I just made up a day. Plus, I don’t go to them frequently enough that it matters.

But now I feel like everything is crawling on me all the time.


Also, the cricket infestation of campus is not helping the situation.




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