In response to some of the negativity that’s been circulating the KAD groups online.

This is exactly how I feel, and why I wrote that post called Searching., after reading a KAD facebook group for about 45 minutes.

Normal lives don’t mean that we have any less of a right to talk about them!

I made a comparison in my brain earlier this week between this issue and my profession in the oil and gas industry (mainly, the movie GasLand). (NERD ALERT) Sure there are people that have had bad experiences with their adoption, but think about all the thousands of people that have had ordinary, or even extraordinary (Toby Dawson) lives as adoptees. They don’t have as much of a platform in media because this world thrives on the negativity, drama, and pain of other people.(Bachelorette, Real Housewives, etc.)

In the same way, Josh Fox presented that fracing had destroyed the livelihoods of some families, while making it appear that it happened to everyone, and that’s just the way life is going to be if they continued to allow fracing. However, think about all the thousands upon thousands of oil and gas wells in the country that are operating normally, with no severe consequences. The part about hydraulic fracturing that he hated was the chance of water contamination, which is a failure of casing or cementation. Both of these processes are not unique to frac jobs—every oil and gas well is cased and cemented for at least 200 feet below the water table. Accidents happen, but cement failure is definitely not the norm.

Just a thought! Interesting to think of the similarities in life and career.



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