I am not the anon that had contacted you earlier, but I read your link and wanted to make one thing clear. I am glad that you found a way to think positively about your adoption, and I believe that acceptance is necessary for healing. I just wanted to note that every adoptee experience is different. Some grow up in healthy families, others grow up in dysfunctional families. Point being, nothing can be assumed. For example, adoptees have a right to use “adoptive parent” rather than “parent.” Thx!

I completely understand! I definitely wrote that in more of the “heat of the moment” kind of situation. My goal was to express my positive experiences, because oftentimes couples looking into adoption are discouraged by the negativity they find. When people’s lives are going well, there isn’t anything to write about! The hundreds of adoptees who have had beneficial, healthy families aren’t writing about them, and can be overshadowed by those with strong negative opinions.

Thanks for the read, however! 🙂



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