Job (the noun and the proper noun)

I have a job!

He told me he would call me by Friday night, and he called on Thursday night. I missed the call, and since I got a new phone on Tuesday, my voicemail wasn’t set up. I had an epiphany in the shower last night that was: Oh no, what if he tried to call me tonight? He had. I went to bed, couldn’t sleep because my stomach was in knots. I apparently bored of Bejeweled Blitz on my iTouch because I woke up this morning laying on it. All morning I felt like throwing up, I was so nervous. I called them at 9 (a regular time to be in the office, right?) and he gave me a verbal offer. Hooray!

Now my stomach is is knots again, for another reason. There is a student that found out she lost her fiance today. They were supposed to get married in about 90 days. She was in a car with some people on the way back from a trip when his father called her. As I listened to someone who was in the car describe her emotions, all I want to do is cry my eyes out for her.

Secret Church on Good Friday taught us that suffering will come, but God uses all things, even those created by evil, to produce and develop His good and perfect will. That is so hard to think about in this situation; life seems so unfair. My prayer is that his life will be a legacy that will lead others to experience the grace and glory of Jesus. Eventually. We can’t expect things like this to change overnight. There are seasons for everything under heaven, and mourning will be a long, hard one.



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