so there’s this thing that happens…

It’s a phenomenon called “somehow all the left armrests on the new office-style chairs on the third floor disappear.”

Let me tell you, they do not simply “fall off.” Because, hello, I am the person that re-attaches them, and I do not re-attach them loosely.

I also found a metal caf spoon under one of the chairs. It just so happens to conveniently fit in the groove of the screw.

These are chairs that cost upwards of $130. If they are broken, that obviously looks really bad to prospectives and visiting professors. Who is the person that came up with “hey, you can remove the armrest!” Only the left ones. They probably use the right one to lean on. Do they not sit in that spot the next day and said, “Dang, I wish I wouldn’t have removed the armrest. Now I actually have to listen in class.”? PLUS, who do they think has to replace those? It’s me, your friend, who worked my butt off to move all those chairs into those rooms in the first place! You’re welcome.

Also, screws are missing. Minus the ones I reattached today, there are still 6 armrests that are not on chairs, because their screws have vanished.

My mind is simply blown.

Respect stuff! Especially when it’s not yours.



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