funny stories from fossils:

There’s a Saudi Arabian student in my class who cracked me up today. He has been here since like 2005, he’s married and has a little boy. He’s such an anomaly, a party-hard college student, yet such a dad at the same time.

Story #1:

“I wasn’t in class yesterday because I took a painkiller and I fell asleep until 9pm.”

Story #2:

“I don’t swallow pills so I always have to crush them up and put them in water. That’s why I can never go to the hospital when I am sick, because they will give me pills that I won’t take. I will just throw them away.”

Story #3:

“I give my extra painkillers to my friend, he trades them for weed.”

Story #4:

“My son’s birthday is on the same day as mine. Yeah, I have good management skills.”

Also, he’s such a dad.

I killed a bug with my hand today. He whips out hand sanitizer spray and makes me take some.

I was playing with my hair too much and so he grabbed my arms and lowered them to my sides.



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