Sample of How My Life in a Blog COULD be…

So, some people blog about their lives negatively.

I thought I’d give it a shot.

This week, I have so much to do. It’s not even that I have a lot of tests, it’s just a lot of STUFF. First of all, I have a big test on Thursday that I didn’t get to study for this weekend. Today I couldn’t because I had church, then a sorority event and then an organization meeting. We addressed letters all afternoon. My hand was about to fall off. Then I met with a sister to work on homework for a class that we have on Monday night. I have a test in the morning, which I have not yet studied for, and then I go to class and work all day until my last night class ends at 8:30. I was planning on going to a worship night, but I realized I can’t go now because I have class and then chapter at 9. Before Wednesday, I have to do something about my nails because we have scholarship interviews on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday night I am going to a reception for the interviews, then going to dinner with some University people to discuss our overnight program, and then another organization meeting at 9. Thursday I have a full day of class, and my interview. That’s the day I have my exam. When do I have time to study in my week, you ask? Oh right, never. Also, I am going home on Friday for spring break (finally) and need to pack somewhere in that time frame too. Kill me. I may not make it through this week.

This is how I actually feel about the situation:
I gave myself a half-vacation day on Saturday. It felt wonderful. Then today I got to praise Jesus with my friends, tell funny stories over lunch, and then serve the children of St. Jude by asking my family and friends to donate to research and care for these children. Then I went to a meeting where I got to lead and encourage people on how to be their best form of themselves for the interviews this week. I’m glad I had a friend to work on my homework with, because I had no idea how to do it. My test tomorrow I’m kind of over, so I will study in the morning. My Monday night class is easy, I think we’re even getting a take-home midterm tomorrow. Score. These scholarship interviews are why I can continue to come to this marvelous institution, and I am very blessed to have a director that cares about how we interact with future employers. I am pleased that we received so much feedback from overnight hosting so that we can make it better next year! My exam will work itself out, a study day on Tuesday will really help me out! and on Friday I finally get to go home and see my family. It will be a nice break from the daily grind, but I am so blessed to be in college at this school.

LOVE life and it will love you back!

I hope you can find the blessings in your days 🙂

Also, in the amount of time that it takes to complain about your work, for goodness sake, do work.



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