QuikTrip and a Quick Trip

First off, I’m still convinced that my split end product is solving my problem by slowly shedding my head of all hair.

My Tri Delta sisters and I took a trip to St. Jude on Friday! We drove Thursday, toured Friday morning, had lunch on Bealle Street and headed home. It was wonderful. I held back tears the whole time. We also were touring the same day as 3 other chapters! We had a great, fun, humbling time. It is so nice to see how what we are doing makes a difference in the lives of so many people. We saw the hospital, research, and housing.

My roommate and I on the Tri Delta level!

The drive there was scary because of rain, the drive home was annoying because of traffic. We stayed very entertained (at least my car did) and had some good bonding time.

On another note, J and I tonight were talking until this phrase became a game: “Think of a ____ really quick.” Then the other person had to guess it. I’m not sure how it came about. But we did it with colors, kitchen appliances, football teams, trees, gemstones, birds, etc. Oh and we also tried to do homework. Whatever!



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