Split Ends and Old Ladies

Today, I went to buy some more shampoo, and also something to try and heal my split ends. I strolled into the store and I realized I hadn’t even brushed my teeth this morning, and I really needed to shower, but I needed shampoo first. Pretty sure the lady was thinking I needed a lot more product than just split ends creme.

I took a shower and then applied the split ends creme. I kept pulling out hair everywhere while I was working it through my hair. I thought, maybe their solution to my split ends is just making me lose all my hair! But I lose a lot of hair in the shower, so maybe that’s it!

Today when I was with Gran, she was telling her friends about how crowded the restaurant that we went to for lunch was. This was the conversation:

Gran: I don’t know why it was so crowded!

Lady 1: Maybe because it’s the first of the month.

Ladies 2 and 3: Oh yes, yes, it’s the first of the month.

Gran: I didn’t even think of that! Yes, that’s probably it.

Apparently people eat out more at the first of the month. At 1:30 pm. On a Saturday.



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