Pete Hoekstra’s Racial Ad


Racially Insensitive Campaign Ad of the Day:

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) has come under fire for a “racially charged” Super Bowl campaign ad that relies on a variety of stereotypes to depicts Chinese people, including gong noises, a conical straw hat, and a Charlie Chan-ish command of the English language.

The ad is part of Hoekstra’s campaign for Democratic Michigander Debbie Stabenow’s seat in the Senate.

Asked to explain the ad, Hoekstra spokesperson Paul Ciaramitaro called it “satirical,” and rejected its characterization as “racial.”

“I think that China is our global competitor and the facts are what they are,” said Ciaramitaro. “They hold $1.1 trillion of our debt, their economy is booming, ours is not. It’s not a racial overtone to compare yourself to competitors on the global stage. I think the viewer of an ad is going to recognize satire.”




This is absolutely unacceptable. Don’t go to the website. It’s awful, and makes you want to vomit. Also, the facebook comments on the video are also appalling:

“If you think this ad is racist, you’re a complete idiot.”

“How is a woman from China talking about how China holds our debt and is taking our jobs racist? Typical Libs, pull the race card because they can’t defend the message.

To the folks who think the ad is racist, it is absolutely not…There is no caricature of any negative stereotype going on. We honestly need fewer thought police and more citizens engaged in our system of government.


I’m sorry, but politics aside, THIS IS HORRIBLE. It’s not a liberal thing to call this racist, it’s an “I’m Asian and I can speak English Correctly and So Can She” thing. Homegirl is not “FROM China.” She is a clearly a Chinese-American who should not have subjected herself to such abhorration.

I sent in an email to his campaign on his website just now. Here’s what it said:

I do not understand how you could approve such a message. The website was also downright appalling.

As an Asian-American international adoptee, I believe we feel the pain of the prejudice and stereotypes every day. You are perpetuating something that minorities are trying to combat on a daily basis.

The woman’s English in the video was horrendous, and that is cruel, stereotypical and wrong to portray her in that way, especially because she was clearly an Asian-American with no speech impediments. Having her represent the country of China where she uses the phrase “us” when she is clearly an American was completely inappropriate.

As a young adult Republican voter, I would like to let you know that you would have lost my vote if I lived in your state just because of this ad. Although the facts might be true, you need a new marketing scheme because this one was blatantly racist, racially insensitive and demoralizing to every Asian American.



Cheers, Pete Hoekstra. I hope you appreciate my email because you’re an embarrassment to all of the US right now.


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