feed me…

realized that we have two weeks of feeding ourselves. Sigh. I’m thinking cheap Chinese tomorrow…

I’m hungry right now, but it’s 1am and time to go to bed. My room is still a wreck, there is stuff EVERYWHERE. Mostly because I still need hangers to hang up my clothes, and I also need to move my desk to a different location before I put stuff on it. And also because I have way too much stuff, even though I thought I had downsized a lot from last year.

Turns out, I brought a lot of wintery clothes with me that I don’t really need too much while it is 105F outside.

Not having facebook is extremely difficult already, because it’s not only impulsive, but also a major time suck. Now I have no purpose to waking up 30 minutes before I need to leave, because I can’t creep on what’s happened during the night.

The air con in my room is so loud that it startles me every time it comes on.

I am sleeping with a loaned pillow and blanket tonight.

I like this place, so far…Shower was good. Trying to sleep now!



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