Reverse culture shock is freaking me out.

Things that have blown my mind since I have been home:

1. I whipped around to look in SFO because I heard a white man on his cell phone, speaking English.

2. There are trash cans everywhere and still trash everywhere.

3. I get text messages often now…and my phone is still a piece of junk…Sorry Samsung.

4. When I check my email early in the morning, I don’t have new emails, because I checked them before I went to bed.

5. I am extremely bad at English now.

6. I went to bed at 1030. I woke up at 1115, 230, 415. And haven’t been asleep since.

7. Nobody around me uses words like “impossible” “success” “ashamed” or “envy.”

8. Dancing in the car by myself is extremely sad.

9. Instead of being hungry all the time, I haven’t been that hungry at all since I’ve been home.10. Everyone still expects me to speak Korean…(What did you learn? Talk to me in Korean!”)

11. But at the same time, everyone doesn’t expect me to speak anything but English…

Strange world, the USA….



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